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Product Ammonia


Product description

Ammonia (hydrogen nitride, NH3) – chemical compound with the formula NH3, under normal conditions - colorless gas with a sharp characteristic odor.

A 10% aqueous solution of ammonia is known as ammonia inhalant.


Production of fertilizers (Ammonium Nitrate, Amorphous, Urea and e.t.)

Direct use as liquid nitrogen fertilizer in modern agricultural technologies

Production of Nitric Acid and chemical polymers

Chemical solvent for many compounds

Production of aqueous ammonia solutions use in medicine and mining industry

А вы знаете что можно вернуть половину стоимости?

Аммиачная селитра относится к тому виду минеральных удобрений, без которого практически немыслимо современное сельское хозяйство.


Our Ammonia conforms to the highest grade as per GOST 6221-90


ГОСТ 6221-90  Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia The standard applies to Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia, used in various industries and agricultures, and establishes the requirements for Liquid anhydrous ammonia, manufactured for the agriculture and export.

Technical specifications of Ammonia according to GOST


Safety storage and transportation of Ammonia

Ammonia is considered a hazardous product and failure to comply with safety rules during storing and transporting can lead to ammonia leakages and cause harm to human health and the environment. Therefore, we do not offer self-supply of Ammonia from the territory of production, and we consider its delivery to the consumer as an integral part of our production cycle.

As ammonia producers, we comply with all necessary safety measures for its production and storage. Our railway tank cars are certified and systematically pass mandatory testing.


The shortest delivery time of Ammonia to the destination after the conclusion of the contract

7 days+

Minimum order quantity. The volume of commodity-grade Ammonia production is 3 thousand tons per month

40 tons+

Upon the conclusion of the contract, prepayment can be set it the amount of 50%. Specify by contacting your manager

From 50 %
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Application for the supply of products