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Our employees are our most valuable asset. To date, the total number of employees of the company has exceeded 1200 people.
Staff policy of the company is aimed at strengthening human resources, building an effective system of motivation and creating conditions for the staff development.
Objectives of the staff policy of the company are:
  • Strengthening and development of human resources, including through the effective planning of labor force;
  • Increase in efficiency and quality of labor through the implementation of the system of motivation;
  • Creation of conditions for strong staff development, improvement of professional skills, improvement of their qualifications;
  • Effective management of social and labor relations.
«KazAzot» JSC strives to ensure decent working conditions for all own employees. This is achieved by observing the norms of labor legislation, observance of their interests and rights, ensuring safety in the workplace and creating equal opportunities for professional growth.
With a view to developing staff resources, special attention is paid to attracting graduates of higher educational institutions through: job fairs; in conjunction with universities, the best graduates are selected in state certification commissions for profile specialties based on the results of industrial practice at the company.
Long-term cooperation with local executive bodies, employment and social programs and participation in the "Employment Road Map 2020" helps to monitor the employment situation, and to attract local people to work in the company.
Under agreements with educational institutions, Internship and youth practice are offered for students, during which future employees for the company are selected.
Close cooperation has been established with primary, secondary, higher profile educational institutions in the field of joint training.
Our mentoring system facilitates adaptation into the team and provides skilled assistance upon employment.
Employees are offered specialization-related on-the-job training courses to develop professional skills.
The main criterion for choosing of production staff, is the candidate's the qualification for the vacant position in accordance with wage-rates and skills tables, as per the wage rate reference book and unified rating and skills guide for jobs and occupations approved by the order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan. CVs are considered for compliance with the requirements established for the vacant position.