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Production Our Gas Field

Our Gas Field

Our Gas Field 


«Shagyrly-Shomysty» Gas Field was discovered in 1959 by exploration well #57, in which an inflow of gas was produced by the mapping drilling from the eocene deposits from a depth of 350 m, which set the basis for setting geological exploration in that area.

The «Shagyrly-Shomysty» Gas Field is located within the northern side of the North Ustyurt trough. According to the administrative division, it belongs to the Beyneu district of the Mangystau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The city of Aktau, the regional center, is located 450 km to the South-West.

The main activity of the «Shagyrly-Shomyshty» branch is the extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials (natural gas), which corresponds to the general classifier of economic activities

Natural Gas serves as the main raw material for «KazAzot» JSC

The extracted gas from the wells goes to the input manifolds and through the gas separators, where they are cleaned of mechanical impurities and liquids. After that, the gas goes through the output manifolds to the input collector of the TCU (turbo-compressor unit). At the CBCS (Central Booster Compressor Station), 4 units of TCU are installed. At the TCU Gas is compressed and through process units through pipelines enters the main gas pipeline.

At the insertion point with the «Central Asia Center» main gas pipeline of «ICA» JSC, there is a CGMU (commercial gas metering unit) of the Branch, where the transported gas is accounted.

Gas transportation is carried out through the connecting gas pipe Æ530х8mm,  In the Gas transmission system «Central Asia-Center» at the connection point of 389,5 km «Beineu» Compressor Station and by gas pipe «Okarem - Beineu» to the city of Aktau for the needs of «KazAzot» JSC

In 2017, a production program was developed with an advance development plan for the field with an aim to reach gas production level of over 1 billion m3 per year.

The facilities of the Field are supplied with electricity by Gas Power Plant (GPP) utilizing four reciprocating gas engines with a capacity of 1MW each.

Currently, 3 Turbocompressor units (TCU) are running in «Main Gas pipeline» mode and industrial production of natural gas from GGS-1, GGS-2, GGS-3, GGS-4.