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Production Safety and environmental protection

Safety and environmental protection

Preserving an environment is the strategic aim of «KazAzot» JSC.

To achieve this aim, the company's management assumes the following pledges:

           Rational use of natural resources, prevention of environmental impact,  leading to air pollution, depletion and pollution of water, and land resources;

           Improvement of the environmental monitoring system;

           Ensure environmental and industrial safety by all available technical and administrative means; 

           Undertake to reduce and prevent adverse environmental impacts;

           Carry out constant monitoring for an assessment of indications and degree of influence of the enterprise to the environment; 

           Develop ecological conscience in staff.

«KazAzot» JSC is guided by the highest standards in the field of environmental protection and has all the necessary normative-technical

and permissive documents in accordance with Environmental legislation.

Conscious acceptance of responsibility to society with the rational use of natural resources and the preservation of a favorable ecological

situation is one of the main priorities of the Company in daily course of operation and during implementation of projects.

On March 26, 2009, Kazakhstan ratified the Kyoto Protocol to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, aimed
at stimulating activities to reduce the anthropogenic impact on the global climate. The company takes an active part in
the discussion and implementation of measures related to the management of greenhouse gas emissions and strives
to fulfill the obligations to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that the Kyoto Protocol participants have accepted.
«KazAzot» JSC is the subject of greenhouse gas quotas and it is included in the National Plan for the allocation of
greenhouse gas emissions quotas 2018-2020.


The Company implements Compulsory Environmental Insurance in accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

in order to protect interests and provide compensations for harm caused to life, health, property of third parties and (or) the environment

as a result of its accidental pollution.
The Environmental protection activities of the Company are aimed to reduce negative impacts and to comply with regulatory and

technical documentation, i.e. full environmental protection of the production facilities are achieved through constant environmental

monitoring of production processes,  the monitoring is carried out in the following areas:

           atmospheric air;
           normative – clean sewage;
           soils and vegetation;
           waste management.

Monitoring is carried out by our dedicated Test Center (Accreditation Certificate No. KZ.I.13.0748 since 04.05.2015, with amendments from 27.04.2017)

and by third-party accredited laboratory on a contractual basis.

In order to achieve higher standards of environmental quality and to reduce the negative impact, the following activities are implemented:

           Adoption of new advanced technologies, upgrade of equipment, and implementation of Process Automation Systems;

           Protection of land resources, prevention of entry of contaminants to the ground and groundwater by prompt reapplication of chemical protection to the process equipment;

           Rational use of natural resources, minimization of water losses through the modernization of accounting units; 

           Air Protection, reduction of emissions by timely replacement of catalysts and revision of waste treatment facilities.