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Press center News Discount system for clients of “KazAzot” JSC

Discount system for clients of “KazAzot” JSC

We hereby notify about the availability of the system of discounts for ammonia nitrate buyers of “KazAzot” JSC.


The system of discounts for the purchase of ammonia nitrate produced by “KazAzot” JSC, operates for the following categories of clients:

  1. Agricultural producers (hereinafter referred to as AP) purchasing ammonium nitrate under the subsidy program;
  2. Industrial companies.

For each of the categories there is a separate system of discounts.


  1. AP

AP who purchase ammonium nitrate under the subsidy program account for more than 35% of the total annual sales of ammonium nitrate.

As AP who purchase ammonium nitrate under the subsidy program fall into the socially important category, on which the prices of socially significant goods directly depend, various measures of state support are applied to them.

In the case of the purchase of mineral fertilizers, namely ammonia nitrate, the state subsidizes 50% of the value without VAT, from the approved value of the goods of the domestic manufacturer (JSC “KazAzot”).

In addition to the measures of state support, JSC “KazAzot”, understanding its social significance before the state and AP, additionally provides a discount from the approved cost of ammonia nitrate from the plant.

The cost of 1 ton of ammonia nitrate for AP is approved for 1 year and includes a discount of 20% of the total approved cost from the plant, and includes transportation costs related to the delivery of ammonia nitrate from the plant of JSC “KazAzot” up to the consumer’s railway station.


  1. Industrial companies
  • 10% discount for ammonium nitrate may be applied to large industrial companies of national social importance, in the case of fulfillment of the following conditions in scope:
  • The company is a domestic manufacturer;
  • Use of ammonium nitrate exclusively in own production or on own deposit;
  • The company is engaged in:
  • drilling and blasting;
  • and/or mining operations;
  • and/or uranium mining;
  • and/or mining.
  • The annual volume of purchase of ammonium nitrate, produced by “KazAzot” JSC, is more than 20 thousand tons;
  • Continuous purchase of ammonium nitrate, produced by “KazAzot” JSC, for at least 3 years;
  • Absence of overdue debts to “KazAzot” JSC;
  • Absence of litigation with “KazAzot” JSC.